Natural toys with care

PELSBØRN's natural toys are of high quality and produced with care and entirely without chemicals.

We love the all fur children and that's why we also make sure that the skins, feathers and other natural materials used in the manufacture of our natural toys, come from animals that have been doing well in their lifetime.

Cats toys of rabbit skins

Our rabbit skin cat toys are available as fur mice, rabbit tails, rabbit ears and rabbit paws. The rabbit skin toys are bought from the Association of North Jutland Stray Kittens.

The skins are acquired from a Danish rabbit breeder and the association has personally been at the location of the breeder and found that rabbits have a good life. The rabbits are slaughtered solely for their meat and not for the fur.

The skins are "by-products" which would otherwise just be discarded. North Jutland Stray Kittens has been allowed to purchase the skins and transforms them themselves into cat toys for activating own stray cats.

Fur mice of natural materials, carefully oven dried

PELSBØRN have been able to buy a small lot of these amazing pieces of cat toys, so buy them while you can :-)

Natural toys for all kinds of play

Fur mice of dried rabbit skinCat toys, rabbit back pawNatural toys, rabbit paw frontRabbit ear, cat toys of natural materialsRabbit ball, natural toys for cats

Fur mice are pieces of skin which has been rolled and dried.

Fur mice, rabbit feet and rabbit ears is quite solid, so if your cat likes to chew on the toy, they also function as a great toothbrush. Should your cats eat some of the toy, it doesn't matter - it will either return as a hairball or come out in the litter box.

Rabbit tails are not as solid, they are best for bashing. When the cat throws them into the air, they take longer to fall to the floor, as they are very light. This usally gives a lot of joy for most cats.

Support a good cause

When you buy rabbit skin cat toys from PELSBØRN you simultaneously support The Association of North Jutland Stray Kittens

Nordjyllands Hittekilling

The association is a network of cat lovers, who helps motherless kittens and homeless female cats with kittens to a good life - first in foster families, and when neutralization, vaccination and ear tattoos are done, they find them a permanent home.

In addition, the association's consultants advise others who want to do the same.

If you wish to give further support to the association, there is information to be found on their website here (Danish website).