Kitty City® Playground - saml selv kattens yndlingsplads med tunneler, huler, klatrevægge, kradsestolper og masser af kattelegetøj

Kitty City® Playground is a series of imaginative and inspirational cat furnitures that can be used as single play modules or be combined into one big cat environment.

No one knows your cat better than you. Choose from tunnels, towers, shelves, scratching trees, caves, hiding places and cozy beds and inspire your cat to train his motor skills, muscles and balance through play.

Kitty City - byg dit eget kradsetræ med klatrevæg, kattehylder og kattehulerKitty City® Playground - kombiner moduler efter eget ønske

All Kitty City's modules fit together. That way you can build up an entire activity center that gives your cat the best possible inspiration to play, socialize and exercise. The playground can gradually be expanded with extra modules. 
The modules are assembled easily without using tools, and are as easy to disassemble again if you want to change on the playground design or provide other play opportunities.

Not many climbing towers and play environments are suitable for outdoor use, but Kitty City is suitable for both indoors and outdoors (except for the Cozy Bed module). Kitty City is made of strong PVC pipes that doesn't become rusty, and polyester - a material often used for sun shade umbrellas that dries up quickly, should it become wet with rain. Kitty City can be used in both the living room, the garden, in a cat pen or enclosure or in a fenced balcony.

Kitty City's cat furnitures has reinforced frame tubes which makes them suitable even for bigger cats (or several cats). The entire construction is stabilized even more when several modules are combined.

Kitty City® Playground - legemoduler med sovepladser, kradsetræer og gemmesteder efter eget ønske

Don't you think such a Kitty City® will be the number one wish of all cats? :-)

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